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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dr. Elizabeth Amin - Sigma Xi Member

Elizabeth Amin, Assistant Professor, has been approved as a full member in the University's chapter of Sigma Xi, an international, multidisciplinary research society. Sigma Xi promotes the health of scientific enterprise, honors scientific achievement, and encourages camaraderie and collaboration among scientists in all fields through its programs and activities.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2012 Professors of the Semester/Year

The PharmD students have chosen their 2012 Professors of the Semester and Year, and again Department of Medicinal Chemistry Professors were honored. Rory Remmel, Distinguished Teaching Professor, was named Professor of the Year (Twin Cities) from the class of 2012; Elizabeth Amin, Assistant Professor, was named Professor of the Semester (Duluth) and Professor of the Year (Twin Cities) by the class of 2014.

Dr. Michael Walters - NSD-C study section member

Michael Walters, ITDD Director of Lead & Probe Discovery, is a member of the NIH NINDS Neurological Sciences and Disorders C (NSD-C) Translational Research study section.